• Ravi Bhargava

    MD FRCPC FRCPC (Founder, Pediatric Radiology)

    Diagnostic Radiologist, Professor

    Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada


    Leadership is not about doing great things, but creating an environment where great things can happen

    My profession as a radiologist at the Stollery Children's Hospital and Cross Cancer Institue has afforded me the opportunity to work with great teams interested in excellent pediatric care. I have a special interest in brain imaging, caring for children with seizures and brain tumors. I have built programs to educate physicians about imaging children. My research focuses on looking for new innovations to help children. My community involvement allows me to give back, by helping children and their families.

  • We Want You!

    Training Opportunities

    Summer Studentships

    Opportunity for training from May to September

    We are presently working on the development of smartphone applications for assessing metabolic brain diseases with MRI. We are looking for students with computer science backgrounds and experience with Android and Apple phones. We are also looking for students to help with literature analysis. 

    Pediatric Radiology Fellowship Programs

    Postgraduate training

    We offer a 1 year fellowship in Pediatric radiology at the University of Alberta. We take trainees from all over the world allowing them to bring the expertise of Stollery to their homes.

    Pediatric Radiology Residency Programs

    Postgraduate training after FRCPC in Diagnostic Radiology

    We offer a 1 year Royal College accredited residency in Pediatric radiology at the University of Alberta. This is Western Canada's first and at present, only accredited training program in pediatric radiology

    Master's Students & Ph.D. Students

    Postgraduate training in Radiology

    The University of Alberta department of Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging offers training through the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. We can train students in pediatric radiology topics, and have done past training around growth plate development and scoliosis.  

  • Research

    Publications, Projects


    See my list of publications on Google Scholar

    Myelination Brain APP

    Development of Medical Apps

    I have developed an Android App to assess developing brain myelination on MRI's of children. We are expanding this to the Apple platform


    MRI Contrast

    Gadovist (Gadobutrol) is a macrocyclic contrast agent. We are involved in a number of studies looking at its use in children

    Chronic Liver Disease

    CIHR Funded

    Current studies, with, Dr. Diana Mager, focus on the dietary and metabolic characteristics influencing the pathogenesis of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

    Metabolic Brain APP

    Canadian Liver Foundation Funded

    Our newest APP is available on the Android and Apple systems. This APP allows you to generate a differential diagnosis of metabolic and toxic disorders for different MRI abnormalities

  • Community Involvement

    Beyond the hospital borders

    Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta

    Ronald McDonald Charities of Alberta

    June 2011-2020

    I served as the President of the Board of directors for the Edmonton house, and led our team into a merger to create a provincial board. We operated houses in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer and Medicine Hat.  We're a home-away-from-home for families with critically ill or injured children seeking medical treatment in an Edmonton medical facility. We provide children what they need most when they are sick, their families.

  • Former Trainees

    Spreading knowledge around the world

    Dr. Zahra Kassam

    Research student

    Summer 1999

    Radiologist, University of Western Ontario

    Dr. Talib Rajwani

    B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (2000-2004)


    Psychiatrist, Edmonton

    Dr. Arlene Kanigan

    Fellowsip in pediatric radiology


    Pediatric Radiologist, Stollery Children's Hospital

    Dr. Charles Secretan

    Research Student

    Summer 2001

    Orthopedic Surgeon

    Dr. Lee Brewerton

    Research student

    Summer 2003 & 2004

    Radiologist, Lethbridge

    Dr. Donovan Nunweiler

    Research student

    Summer 2003

    Physican, Medicine Hat

    Dr. Moza Al-Hantobi

    Research fellow



    Dr. Seemab Haider

    Fellowship in pediatric radiology 


    Pediatric Radiologist, Calgary

    Dr. Stefanie Lee

    Reserarch student

    Summer 2005

    Radiologist, McMaster

    Dr. Wesley Block

    Research student

    Summer 2006

    Radiologist, Edmonton

    Dr. Khalil Jivraj

    Research student

    Summer 2007

    Radiologist, Calgary

    Dr. Ahmed Quateen

    Research student


    Neurosurgeon, Edmonton

    Dr. Scott Gregoire

    Research student

    Fall 2007

    Radiologist, University of Manitoba

    Dr. Matt Harris

    Research student

    Summer 2009


    Dr. Julie Gracey

    Fellowship in pediatric radiology


    Pediatric Radiologist


    Dr. Alyssa England

    Research student

    Summer 2010

    Family physician, Edmonton

    Dr. Vivek Dhawan

    Research Student



    Dr. Kong Au-Yong

    Fellowship in pediatric radiology


    Pediatric Radiologist

    New Zealand

    Dr. Lucy Jamieson

    Fellowship in pediatric radiology


    Pediatric Radiologist, Stollery Children's Hospital

    Dr. Vanessa Rogers

    Research student

    Summer 2013 & 2014


    Hillary Lemay

    Honors B.Sc (Neurosciences) research thesis


    B.Sc. Student

    Dr. Alanna Heath

    Fellowship in pediatric radiology


    Pediatric Radiologist

    New Zealand

    Dr. Scott Anderson

    Research student

    Summer 2015 & 2016


    Dr. Adrienne Thompson

    Fellowship in pediatric radiology


    Pediatric Radiologist

    Stollery Children's Hospital

    Dr. Sherif Idris

    Research Student


    Otolaryngology Resident

    Jacob Reckhard

    Research student

    Summer 2017

    Computer Science student

    Dr. Mariana Jakubowicz

    Fellowship in pediatric radiology


    Radiologist, Argentina

    Kyle Henning

    Research student

    Summer 2018

    Engineering student

    Noah Gergel

    Research student

    Summer 2019

    Computer Science student

    Ooi Poh Hwa (Rachel Ooi)

    Msc in Dept of Agriculture, Food and Nutritional Sciences


    Dietitian, Malaysia/Singapore

    Martha Ruiz

    Msc in Radiology


    Pediatric radiology fellow

    Nozima Fayzieva

    Msc in Radiology


  • Education 

    University of Ottawa



    University of Western Ontario

    Rotating Internship

    Victoria Hospital


    University of Ottawa

    Diagnostic Radiology Residency


    St. Jude Children's Hospital

    MRI Fellowship


    University of Tennessee

    Pediatric Radiology Fellowship


    Gold College, University of Alberta

    Academic leadership development program


  • Awards and Honours

    Awards and Honours

    • 1999 
      • Teacher of the year. Department of Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging, University of Alberta
      • Grand prize winner. Canadian Association of Radiologists annual quiz show
    • 2002 
      •  CORS Founder's Medal for the best research paper presented during the joint 57th annual meeting of the Canadian Orthopedic Association and the 115th annual meeting of the American Orthopedic Association, Victoria, British Columbia
    • 2003 
      • Caffey award for Best poster at the 46th annual meeting of the Society of Pediatric Radiology, San Francisco, California   
      • Best academic half day teaching, Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Training programs, Department of Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging, University of Alberta  
    • 2004 
      • “Best of Four” Poster awarded to the best 4 posters in Obstetrics at the Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of Canada annual meeting
    • 2007
      • Young investigator of the year, Canadian Association of Radiologists
    • 2008 
      • Rotation of the year (Neuroradiology MRI).  Department of Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging, University of Alberta
      • Teacher of the year. Department of Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging, University of Alberta
    • 2014
      • Winner of 2014 Departmental Clinical Audit Project, Canadian Association of Radiologists
    • 2015
      • Best medical audit project, Department of Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging (Supervisor of resident, Guan Huang)
      • Valedictorian, Gold College Academic leadership development program, University of Alberta 2014-2015


  • Contact


    Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging
    Walter C. Mackenzie H.S.C.
    8440 - 112 Street
    Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2B7




    Telephone: (780) 407-6893
    Fax: (780) 407-6323